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NEW CD: "MONSTER HERO"(press text)

will be released at 5th, October 2018 on DigiPac/Vinyl
on Phonotraxx via Soulfood distribution
DIGIPAC: 4046661591026
VINYL: 4046661591613

One of Germany ́s most established Rock bands will be back this year with a new record: AXXIS are releasing their „Monster Hero” on October 5th. 

Again, Bernhard Weiss and Harry Oellers are putting their focus on classic Rock songs, a modern production as well as very reflected and up to date lyrics – a clear proof that these two musicians still have a lot to say.

Timeless and honestly written rock tracks are the soundtrack to „Monster Hero “, that has, just like it’s two creative fathers, a very down to earth character.

„Our world is influenced by fake news, algorithms and politicians that more look like the wolf in a sheep fur that anything else “, Bernhard Weiss says. „Machines are a fix part of our lives and have a big influence on us, sometimes way beyond our control. Technologies such as drones, self-driving cars or apps are part of our everyday life. Science, media and reality are doubted more and more. Politicians are getting more radical. Free democrats are considered to be “old school”, dictators are successful. Sick and crazy dictators celebrate themselves as heroes, while for many of us they simply are monsters. “

A diversity that leads through the whole world as Bernhard mentions. „Also have a look at technology. We love and hate Facebook, google and stuff like that at the same time cause they make our life. That could still get worse in the future. “

Even though AXXIS are far away from being a negative band. „It has been important to us to put all these topics in great rock melodies “, Harry Oellers says. „Life goes on and we need to enjoy and celebrate it. We shouldn’t be blind towards the world ́s problems, but we should also not bring ourselves down because of them. Facing everything in a honest and down to earth way is what we stand for.“

And that ́s exactly the nature of the two musicians that spend a lot more time with each other than with their girlfriends. For „Monster Hero“ Weiss and Oellers have even spent more time together. First time in the band ́s history Harry Oellers took care of the complete guitar work.

Their secret of success, to give each other creative freedom has made a very creative and efficient duo out of them.

Harry recording all guitars by himself was something that they had not planned even though. It just happened. „Bernhard and I have been so deeply into the songwriting process and got into an almost magical flow that we didn’t want to stop until our band members are finally coming to the studio. That ́s why we ended up with me playing all the guitars.“

More than 30 years ago their successful milestone album „Kingdom Of The Night" has been released and it is until now one of the most important and influencing Rock albums in Germany. Several million sold records, numerous Top 30 chart entries, numerous sold out shows and a cultural prize from the city of Lünen to Bernhard Weiss are just a few things to mention in the career of this unusually special musician duo.


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